Tonsils & Adenoids in Children

Tonsils and adenoids help defend children’s bodies from infection. They contain cells and antibodies of the immune system to help prevent throat and lung infections and trap bacteria and viruses that are breathed in. There are two tonsils, one on either side of your throat at the back of the mouth; both are clearly visible in children. Adenoids are a single patch of tissue high in the throat behind the nose and can’t be seen by looking in the mouth.

Adenoids and tonsils seem to grow during childhood and then shrink around the age of four. They are important as infection fighters for babies and young children but by the time your child reaches adulthood, his or her adenoids and tonsils will have disappeared almost completely. This is because they are no longer needed as your child’s body will have other defense mechanisms to fight against infection.

Because adenoids and tonsils trap germs that enter the body, they sometimes temporarily become enlarged as they try to fight off an infection. Enlarged tonsils without any symptoms are common in children, but sometimes adenoids and tonsils can get infected and become painful.

At The Ear, Nose and Throat Center we offer several treatments to help your child feel better as soon as possible. These may include medications to relieve immediate symptoms or treat infection. If your child’s tonsils and adenoids get infected a lot or are causing other problems, we may discuss with you if they should be surgically removed.

When you schedule with The Ear, Nose & Throat Center you can rest easy that you and your child will seen by one of our board-certified ENT physicians the first time and every time. Our physicians will examine, listen and take time to fully explain your child’s problem and your various treatment options.

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