Nose, Sinus and Allergy Images and Video

Airflow Pathway 1

Airflow Pathway 2

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery 2

Front View of the Sinuses

Frontal Sinus Drainage Path 1

Frontal Sinus Drainage Path 2

Maxillary Sinus view 1

Maxillary Sinus view 2

Maxillary Sinus view 3

Nasal Polyps

Nasal Polyps 2

Nasal Septal Deviation 1

Nasal Septal Deviation 2

Naso-Antral Windows 1

Naso-Antral Windows 2

Inferior Turbinate Reduction

Normal Sinuses

Oblique View of the Sinuses

Side View of the Sinuses

Sphenoid Sinus

Sphenoid Sinus, Carotid, Optic Nerve

The “Ostio-Meatal” Complex 1

The “Ostio-Meatal” Complex 2

Nose Videos

The Inferior Turbinate

The Inferior Turbinate, Close-up

The Nasal Septum

Uncinate Process 1

Uncinate Process 2

Cillary Flow of Mucous Membrane


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