Speech Therapy Services

The Ear, Nose, & Throat Center of Utah is pleased to offer Speech-Language Pathology services from our trusted clinicians who are licensed and certified and have experience treating a variety of medical issues. Services include assessment and treatment for voice, swallowing, speech, language, and cognitive difficulties. Below is a sampling of problems that our Speech Therapy Department routinely and successfully addresses. If you believe that you may have an issue that requires our expertise, please speak with one of our physicians to receive more information.

Voice: Hoarseness, problems related to aging, difficulty starting or maintaining your voice, extra effort when speaking or singing, difficulty reaching parts of the pitch range, elevated or inappropriate pitch, singing voice performance issues, creaky voice, lack of projection or volume, pain or discomfort when using the voice, and voice loss.

Cough & Related Issues: Chronic laryngitis or persistent throat irritation, excessive throat clearing or coughing, and coughing that has not responded to other medical treatments.

Swallowing: Swallowing after surgical changes associated with Head & Neck Cancer, difficulty swallowing after stroke or head injury, reduced swallowing ability related to aging, frequent pneumonia, issues associated with excessive muscle tension, and difficulty swallowing pills.

Pediatrics: Late language emergence, social communication disorders, Specific Language Impairment, difficulty with articulation of specific sounds, learning disabilities, and literacy.

Slurred Speech: All slurred speech types including those associated with stroke, changes after surgery, and neurological disorders including Parkinson’s disease.

Breathing: Spasm of the voice box, difficulty breathing during exercise/sports, excessive tension, and problems during speech or singing.

Language: Spoken and written language disorders associated with stroke and the development of social language.

Degenerative diseases affecting speech: Parkinson’s disease, ALS, MS, Myasthenia Gravis, and dementia.

Cognition: Difficulty with attention, memory, problem solving, and higher level processes including reasoning, planning, and judgement associated with stroke, head injury, or degenerative disease.

Fluency: Childhood developmental stuttering, adult stuttering, and neurologically based stuttering.

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