Temporal Bone Cancer and Tumors

Temporal Bone Cancer and Tumors – About

A variety of tumors can involve the temporal bone (the bone surrounding the ear). Some of these tumors develop in the temporal bone itself. Others come from tissues nearby and invade the temporal bone such as tumors of the skin or parotid gland. Some tumors may be malignant (cancer). Symptoms vary depending on where the tumor is located and what structures are involved.

Temporal Bone Cancer and Tumors – Diagnosis

Diagnosis of most tumors relies on a biopsy. Imaging with CT and MRI may play a role in helping guide the diagnosis and treatment.

Temporal Bone Cancer and Tumors – Treatment

Treatment depends on the type of tumor, size, location, areas involved, patient age and health. In some cases surgery may be needed. Different temporal bone resections have been developed to remove tumors from this area. In some cases where surgery is performed, radiation and/or chemotherapy may be given after surgery to help control and treat the tumor. Other tumors may not be helped with surgery, and radiation and/or chemotherapy without surgery may be the best treatment.

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