Petroclival Meningioma

Petroclival Meningioma – About

Meningiomas are common benign tumors that occur inside the skull. In some cases these tumors exists between the brain and the temporal bone. This area has some of the specialized nerves known as cranial nerves. Some of the nerves in this area help control hearing, balance, facial motion, facial sensation, swallowing and tongue movement. Some of these nerves functions may be impaired by these tumors. These tumors can also press on the brain itself.

Petroclival Meningioma – Diagnosis

These tumors are usually diagnosed by MRI scan after symptoms arise in patients.

Petroclival Meningioma – Treatment

Treatment of Petroclival Meningioma tumors includes surgery, radiation, and observation.

Surgery may be recommended in larger tumors, tumors in younger patients, or in tumors with symptoms. The surgery depends on the size and location of the tumor. In some cases a small portion of this benign tumor may be left around important structures or tissues.

Radiation often is suggested in older patients or patients who are not good surgical candidates. In cases in which prior surgery was performed and the tumor has either come back or a small portion was purposefully left, radiation may be given at a later time.

In many patients observing the tumor is recommended. In these patients periodic imaging usually is recommended. In cases that the tumor changes, radiation or surgery possibly will be recommended.

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