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Cochlear implantation is a technology the restores hearing in cases of severe hearing loss in which hearing aids are no longer useful. Candidacy is determined specialized hearing tests done with your hearing aids in place. Once a candidate, most patients will do better with a cochlear implant.

A cochlear implant is surgical placement of a device that has an electrode that is inserted into the part of the inner ear that controls hearing, the cochlea. An external device that is worn behind the ear has a microphone that picks up sound and sends the signal to the internal device. An electrical signal is delivered to the hearing nerve that is then heard. Most patients who are candidates for cochlear implant do better after receiving one. There can be a period of months after the implant is placed in which the patient develops improved hearing with the device.

Dr. Slattery has performed many of these surgeries on patients of all ages.

Dr. Eric Slattery answers very important questions about Cochlear Implants here.

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