Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids – About

Hearing aids help amplify sound. The majority of patients with hearing loss that interferes with daily routines are best treated with hearing aids. In some other causes of hearing loss other options may exist. At the ENT Center of Utah, our physicians and audiologists are best equipped to recognize the type of hearing loss, the degree and options that exist for you.

Hearing Aids – Diagnosis

Patients with hearing loss usually receive a hearing test from the audiologist. In cases of additional ear symptoms, hearing worse on one side, abnormal appearance of the ear or a type of hearing loss known as a conductive hearing loss; an otolaryngologist may then examine the ears. In some cases of hearing loss further work up such as imaging (MRI or CT scan) or other testing may be suggested.

Hearing Aids – Treatment

We offer the latest styles and hearing aid technologies to provide you with choices that match your needs and lifestyle.

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