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The Ear, Nose and Throat Center works directly with our sister company, the House of Hearing, to handle all hearing tests, which help us diagnose and treat your hearing loss.

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The key to pinpointing hearing problems is to begin with an exam and testing. From basic hearing tests for adults and children to more complex tests that focus on your internal nervous system, the audiologists at the House of Hearing can assess your needs and prescribe treatment plans that can help you prevent further hearing loss and improve your current hearing.

You may want to begin by reading the article Eight Signs You Are Suffering from Hearing Loss


Learn about the following hearing tests (links open in a new window at TheHouseofHearing.com):


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Whether you already have hearing aids or you’ve noticed a change in your hearing, we’re happy to help you protect and improve hearing. Call the House of Hearing today at 801-657-4175 to meet with one of our Salt Lake City audiologists and to find the best selection of hearing aids in Salt Lake City.

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