8 Signs You Are Suffering from Hearing Loss

Most people with moderate hearing loss don’t even know they have a problem. Many who suspect they have some hearing loss don’t think it’s severe enough to schedule a hearing test with an audiologist. Perhaps that sounds like you or someone you know (no pun intended).

The Better Hearing Institute states that only 23 percent of Americans with hearing issues are actually taking steps to remedy the loss. Amazingly, more than 95 percent of hearing-loss sufferers would benefit from using a hearing aid.

Why the delay? Many factors play a role, including embarrassment, denial and financial concerns.

Our Utah audiologists recognize early warnings that can signal that you’re suffering from hearing loss. These include:

    1. Difficulty hearing normal conversations in loud environments like restaurants and public gatherings
    2. The perception that others regularly mumble
    3. Frequently asking others to speak up or repeat what they have just said
    4. Difficulty understanding and hearing on the phone (home, office and cell phones)
    5. Straining to hear at movies or in theaters
    6. Complaints from others that the volume on your iPod, TV or even your car’s radio is too loud
    7. Feelings of embarrassment in social situations
    8. Struggling to understand verbal information at work


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