Billing and Insurance

Billing and Insurance
Your health insurance contract is between you and your insurance company. Insurance companies write plans with a myriad of coverage policies and benefits that make it impossible for us to know each and every plan. Therefore, any questions regarding your specific coverage, including referrals and authorizations, should be directed to your insurance company or your company benefits administrator. You are responsible for any amount not covered by your plan.

The Ear, Nose & Throat Center participates with most area insurance plans. We will be happy to submit your insurance claims for you, even if we are not a preferred or participating provider. In order for us to bill accurately, we will need copies of your insurance cards that include your identification number, group number, medical claim address and plan phone number. Please inform us of any changes in your insurance coverage to ensure accurate billing.

Some insurance companies require a referral from a patient’s primary care physician before they will authorize care from a specialist. We see these referrals as an opportunity to facilitate your care with the best providers on your insurance panel. If your particular insurance plan requires you to choose a primary care physician before authorizing services to a specialist, please be sure to have your primary care physician fax or mail a referral to us before your visit. Our fax number is (801) 533-0589.

We welcome calls regarding bills and insurance during regular billing hours, which are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. You may call the phone number listed on the bottom of your monthly statement, or call (801) 328-2522 – option 7 to be connected with a billing consultant who will assist you.

Charges for office visits, hospital visits, and surgery vary with the severity and complexity of the problem.

Co-payments and uninsured amounts are required at the time of service according to your insurance company policy. Many insurance companies now have a separate “Specialist” co-pay amount. Our doctors are medical specialists. If your card does not specify, please contact your insurance plan to see if they require a different co-pay for specialist care. We accept payment by cash, check, bank card, or money order. You may use our convenient on-line payment service 24 hours a day at

If you do not have insurance, we ask that you pay a deposit before seeing the doctor and/or provider. This deposit may not cover the entire visit but is intended to be a good faith payment to be applied to the entire account balance. You will be billed for any balance (that exceeds your paid deposit) for services performed. If you need to set up payment arrangements or require medical services at a time that payment is not possible, please call (801) 328-2522 – option 7 to speak with a credit consultant.

Permission from a parent or guardian is required before treatment may be provided to those under the age of 18.

The Ear, Nose & Throat Center accepts insurance from the following health plans:

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