Allergies or Cold | Snot Quiz

Do you have Allergies or a Cold?

Use this flow-chart to determine what is causing your runny nose.

allergy and cold flow chart


The SNOT Quiz

Consider how severe the problem is when you experience it and how frequently it happens, please rate each item below on how “bad” it is by dragging the slider to a level that corresponds with how you feel.

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Score Evaluation Recommended Next Step
0-5 No problem to mild problem No action necessary or symptoms can be treated with OTC medication.
6-20 Moderate problem Make an appointment with a Rhinologist/ENT specialist.
21-34 Moderate to severe Make an appointment with a Rhinologist/ENT specialist.
35-50 Severe to "as bad as it can be" An appointment with a specialist is recommended, treatment to be determined by doctor. Possible surgery candidate.

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