Allergy — 10 June 2014
Health Concerns after Summer Vacation

The end of a “relaxing” vacation can sometimes spell the beginning of health issues. Address them before they build into major health concerns.

That long trip to the beach, that time in the salt or chlorinated water under the sun, dancing on the sand and late night conversations can come back to haunt you once you return your summer vacations. Post-holiday blues may often come from budding health problems as much as the doldrums of regular schedules again.

You experience severe fatigue and loss of energy after a vacation. Resulting from extensive traveling and new food habits, a weakened body may end up as flu or susceptible to new allergies, if not treated on time.

Remedy: Drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. Substitute oily food products with fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not bounce back to doing serious work that will tire you easily. If possible, resume your full work schedule after a day or two of adjustment.

This is one of the most common health concerns that people face after a vacation. Perhaps your body got accustomed to the pollution-free air at your dream destination and now finds the balance disturbed back at home. These respiratory concerns like clogging of the nose and a sore throat may be followed by high fever.

Remedy: Treat yourself with home remedies like ginger juice and honey or turmeric. They work better than antibiotics, since it is not a common cold, but a result of sudden change in climate conditions.

Depression and post-vacation blues usually present themselves as soon as all the fun comes to an end, and you know you will have to get back to the grind. It can also affect you physically. You usually do not catch up on a lot of sleep during vacation during the excitement of seeing new places. This leads to a lack of concentration and an inability to settle down to your routine.

Remedy: Ensure that you catch up on your sleep and recover, both mentally and physically. Do not start unpacking and washing, as soon as you come back, give yourself some time to settle down.

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